El Salvador/New York/Australia


Lucreccia Quintanilla's work is concerned with sound and collectivity.

At the core of her ongoing project is sound as a mode of knowledge transference, as a sensorial conduit for multiple senses of time and place and as a carrier of past and future and as an amplifier of irresolute collective mythologies and cultural complexities. In recent years is interested in the potential of amplification of stories and voice via sound and she has constructed a soundsystem speaker stack in the Jamaican sound system style as a point of departure for thinking through cultural difference, collaboration, music/sound experimentation.



Lucreccia Quintanilla is an artist, writer and researcher at Monash University as a PhD candidate. Quintanilla has received grants from Arts Victoria, the Australia Indonesia institute the National Gallery Women’s Encouragement Award and the Australian Postgraduate Award. Most recently she has been awarded the 2016 NAVA Sainsbury Sculpture grant to travel to The Banff Centre for Creativity in Banff, Canada. She has presented her work in Auckland, Chicago, New York, Berlin, Yogyakarta, Canada, Sydney and Melbourne where she is based. Quintanilla has worked as an arts worker at Arts Project Australia, has lectured at Auckland University of Technology, Monash University as well as project managing the multilingual international publication Mapping South. She writes both solo and collaboratively and most recently her work has been published in Un/Projects and Sounding Out!





email: lucrecia.quintanilla8@gmail.com