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Barrio//Baryo was a collaboration between artists Caroline Garcia and Lucreccia Quintanilla for the Next Wave Festival and with funding support from the Australia Council and Arts NSW,

The event was one where Philipino and Salvadoran/Latin diasporas experimented with sound and performance. This was a gathering of collective power and of experimentation with knowledges passed down. About what we may contribute to these knowledges and how and why its important to do so. It was one of sound and of physicality, dissonance, words and emotions.

New sound works were comissioned from artists Bryan Phillips (Galambo), Raquel Solier (Various Asses) and Neil Cabatingan (Yumgod). These works were played out of the Other Planes of Here Soundsystem. Children's trap group The Lit Queens and KZone dancers performed as well as artist James Nguyen.


Links to some of the tracks produced and played:



Phoyography: Laura Du Ve